SkogsArt Studio is currently working on it’s first game title. Stay tuned for more information!


Hello there!
SkogsArt Studio is an indie game development company located near Breda, the Netherlands, that operates on an international scale.

Did you know that “Skog” is actually the Swedish word for forest? The studio is, unfortunately, not actually located in a little hut in a forest filled with magic, but it’s nice to pretend it is.

SkogsArt Studio focuses on art and management work like game development, concepts, illustrations, research, giving workshops (mainly on art and management), planning, creating business plans, and many more.

We are currently working on its own game as well as some additional projects that are very near and dear to us.

Though the studio is small at the moment, the plan for expansion is in the making so if you are interested in becoming a part of the the team, keep your eye on this page and social media. Until then you are welcome to join the ever growing forest of fans, partners, and friends. Join on social media and feel free to reach out. There are many exciting things planned which you can keep tabs on by keeping an eye on this site or following SkogsArt Studio on one of the many social media platforms!


Jitske Habekotté

Artist, Producer, and indie game developer | any pronouns

“I am very enthusiastic about our industry. I love being able to contribute to the vast and ever growing world of games and visual media, whether that is through art or through management and research skills. 

I have always wanted to be able to work on projects that explore the possibilities of our industry and tell the stories I believe in, through the art that I love. As an indie game developer at SkogsArt Studio, I feel that I can make this wish a reality.

I believe our industry has the potential to bring about strong emotions and inspire new ideas or visions through our work. It would be a shame not to utilize this to the fullest.”